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Live RPG 3

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In the Live RPG, Attributes are known as, the assassins TRAITS. There are 6 different Traits that define the characters strengths and weakness. The Traits not only effect the characters in-game stats, but are also used to role play an interesting assassin. Like I wrote before, the Traits are based on a scale of one to ten. One being weak, and ten strong. Below are the six Traits in order, based on Physical, Mental, and Emotional Traits. Two for each:




There are also other Stats that could be known as Traits, but are built off the above Trait Ranks (The final Score of the Trait). They are slightly similar to some of the base Traits, but are used to resist damage,or take damage, detect danger, attack, or defend according to a similar Trait. Below are the 6 derived Traits:

>Stamina (Strength)
>Reflex (Agility)
>Bravory (Attitude)
>Perception (Instinct)
>Offense (Talent)
>Deffense (NA)

Again I need feedback from everyone, so please feel welcome to respond to this post. Much more, later. :P

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