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Live RPG 2

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Not much response or intell from you gamers but I guess I should countinue to write about my RPGame. The game system is based on the number ten.
(A standard d10, will be used in Live.)
Ever thing is based on a number between 1-10. One being the lowest score, and ten being the best score possiable. Its like saying,"On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot is that chick?". Your characters traits (Attributes/ability scores in other games), are based on this 1-10 scale. Here is an example:
STRENGTH 1: Thin, scrany, small, weak, frail.
Someone with this score: a young child, handicap, bugs, small animals.
STRENGTH 10: Robust, tough, massively muscular.
Someone with this score: That usual huge henchmen in the movies, someone on steriods.
I think it is an eazy game system. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS GAME SYSTEM?PLEASE COMMENT. (Remember this game is about assassins.)

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