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Mummies are salty like jerky, not stringy like gnome

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The party returned to Waterdeep with the materials, and Heinrich brews them up a batch of 8 potions of invulnerability (lasts 3 rounds each, impervious to any physical damage)

They returned to Undermountain via an entrance in the cellar of the "Black Cat's Ninth Life", a tavern. It's one of three entrances they've found and is closest to Kyra's lair; the drow they rescued from a koa-toa cage trap.

They meet up with her and ask her to take them to the Narbus's Rift, a massive chasm they found where a skeleton was laying under the words "Narbus was here" chalked on the wall. They earlier saw light from tunnel exits down in the rift along it's chasm walls; but opted to explore along the top instead.

Kyra, preparing the ropes for a 150 foot decent: "So why are you guys doing this now? Ya know the deeper you go, the uglier it gets, right?"

Garion: "Wealth"

Dragon: "Adventure"

Heinrich: "Power"

Og: "FOOD!"

Nahals: "BOOZE!"

Kyra: "Sorry I asked."

Kyra starts freeclimbing down the chasm wall, the rest follow, they come to a landing with a tunnel entrance about 150ft down lit with orbs of dark blue continual light. They hear shuffling noises from down the tunnel.

Heinrich: "Oh yea? Whatever you are, screw you!" Throws a fireball blindly down the tunnel. It goes 80 feet before exploding violently.

Dragon: "Heinrich! What the hell are you doing?!"

Heinrich: "Solving a problem!"

Kyra: "I didn't bring you down here so you can collapse Undermountain one tunnel at a time!"

They go down the tunnel and see the remains of some kind of undead at the fireball site.

Heinrich: "SEE! I TOLD you!"

Kyra: "Could be zombies... maybe even mummies..."

Og picks up a rag covered limb and gives it a deep sniff. "Too dry for zombie. Zombie ok if marinate first."

Garion: "I don't want to know how you know that."

Heinrich: "Don't worry Og, you're buddy Heinrich will get you lots of tasty critters down here!"

Og: "Uhh.... OK!"

They continue down and after a sharp turn, they come to a stone sliding door. A lever next to it appears to be a release. Four alcoves on either side of the door appear to be where bodies recently lied. Dragon pulls the door lever and the door slides smoothly up into the ceiling. Brazers automatically light in the room beyond with magical blue fire. Movement is heard and shadows shift within. Everyone rolls initiative.

Dragon: "Run in swords drawn, what do I see?"

GM: "Mummies, climbing out of alcoves in the back wall. There's at least four, maybe more of them.

Dragon attacks one in the lead. Og is next in the lineup, he charges in next with his axe swinging at the mummies. Heinrich is up next.

Heinrich: "What's the most effective thing against mummies?"

GM: "Fire is pretty effective."

Heinrich: "Sounds good, Nahal's!!" (Nahal's Reckless Dweomer)

Garion: "I dive for cover!!"

Dragon: "That damned thing better not go off with me in the room!!"

I roll on the big table o' wild surge...

GM: "Heinrich, you shape this MASSIVE dull red fireball and lob it into the room. It explodes hitting everything in there in an all encompassing blast!" (Spell is cast, double the area of effect and halve the damage)

Dragon: "Made my save!"

GM: "Og didn't"

Garion recovers from the floor from diving for cover, the mummies attack Dragon and Og, though they're in sorry shape from the huge, low-temperature fireball. Dragon finishes off his mummy. Og is up.

Og turns toward Heinrich and starts charging after him.

Nahals: "Um, boss? This is where you run like hell."

Heinrich takes off running back the way he came.



Heinrich reaches the chasm and realizes this is the end of the line. He starts climbing the rope. Og stops and watches him climb up.

Heinrich: "Og, maybe those mummies said something bad about your mother?"

Og: "Mummy say thing bout mommy?... uhh...." Og's forehead contorts in extreme mental confusion, then he snarls and reaches out grabbing the rope. Heinrich is ten feet up by now. Og gives a wicked tug and the rope pulls free from it's mooring 150 feet up. Heinrich comes crashing down to the ledge barely holding on from plummeting to the bottom of the chasm.

Dragon, Garion and Kyra continue fighting the mummies in the room at the end of the hall.

Garion: "Shouldn't we help Heinrich?"

Dragon: "Heinrich did promise Og some tasty food. It just happens to be gnome."

Back at the ledge...

Og pulls out a salt shaker and starts shaking it on Heinrich's bald, tattooed head.

Heinrich: "I'm sorry Og!! You don't want to eat me! I don't taste good!! I'm stringy and bitter!!"

Og: "YOU SALTY NOW!! Hmmm... Og want salty like jerky, not stringy... maybe mummy like that..."

Og wanders off in one of his dreamy dazes to rejoin the battle leaving Heinrich hanging on to the edge of the ledge by his fingertips.

Heinrich: "HEY OG!! PULL ME UP OG!!! C'MON OG!!! Og?"

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Updated 02-12-2010 at 01:14 AM by Frobozz



  1. Blydden's Avatar
    Poor Heinrich.
  2. Twitch's Avatar
    Poor Heinrich?
    It is his own fault. Gotta learn think about the consequences before lobbing magic around.
    Og should have at least got a finger off of him :P
  3. Blydden's Avatar
    True. A finger is perfectly fine. But a killing him is a tad too far. For my tastes anyway.
    Updated 02-18-2010 at 02:15 AM by Blydden
  4. Frobozz's Avatar
    Heinrich was killed possibly as many as five times by his own party. Only once by Og though; but that was retaliation for deliberately trying to kill Og. Going over the records, he was already killed once at level 4 by Dragon for deliberately breaking a tripwire that opened a spike-bottomed pit that Dragon just happened to be standing on. They found the tripwire, and everyone stepped over it except him who broke it to see what it did.

    I think it's Garion who kills him next, but it's a few posts away.

    Heinrich was chaotic neutral and Dave, who played him played him as an ******* who typically got worse as the night went on and the cans of beer piled up around his seat.
    Updated 02-18-2010 at 03:50 PM by Frobozz