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Lesson's Learned

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First off let me say we are having a great showing of our regular players.
Everyone is more or less on time and showing up, awesome.

This week the players discovered some new dangers of dungeon delving. After
much deliberation the players decided to take an easterly trek into the
catacombs we left last week. This proved to be problematic when they
discovered mystical runes drawn upon the floor. At first the Ranger and
Warlock wanted to throw poor little Splug onto the rune to see what would
happen. This didn't amuse our friendly neighborhood cleric one little bit.
Who, incidentally, decided to save Splug the effort by jumping on the rune
himself. Well, as we all know jumping on magical runes in a hostile
dungeon is rarely a good idea, this situation was no different. As soon as
the cleric touched the rune a mind piercing scream erupted from the rune
causing the ranger and fighter to flee south in utter terror, directly into
a room with a triad of concealed ghouls. These creatures proceeded to pound
on the players until they were able to rally and put down the menace.
After this harrying battle, the players were so beat up they were forced to
take a rest. Here's where the problems really started. A quick search of
the areas and they chose an alcove out of the way but with only one exit.
During the third watch (Cleric and Splug) a 10'x10' cube of transparent
gelatin silently moved up on the sleeping party. Luckily, good 'ol Cleric
boy and Splug saw the enemy and were able to sound the alarm. Well, the
thing you have to remember when fighting a large glop of gelatin is that it
likes to snatch people up and melt them inside of itself(can we say acid
damage? Hehe). Well the cube of gelatin did just that, to almost the entire
party. At one point there was one party member plus Splug not being
devoured. After the massive enveloping incidences most of the party opted
to stay inside the cube and attack it from there. There was massive thunder
attacks by the wizard, huge swings of the dwarven hammer, and many laser
burns from the cleric. The fight even got so desperate the Splug-Hater-#1
(ie. The Ranger) threw Splug a hand axe so he could contribute to the fight.
This excited Splug to no end as he charged into combat cut a mighty goblin
sized chunk out of the evil jelly.
After the fight our battered and bruised party decided to limp back to town
rather than continue sleeping in the dungeon. The trip back was uneventful,
at least until they returned to town. As they gimped up to the gates they
were greeted by closed doors and an extra alert guard. From the parapets
good old Lord Padraig reported the dead from the graveyard rising, missing
townsfolk, and a general feeling of spookiness. Luckily the mayor let the
players in to rest and recoup before dealing with the graveyard.
The trek to the graveyard was short and uneventful(a few hundred yards).
The unlocked gate opened to reveal a strange glowing circle, three
mausoleums but no undead. The party spread out and entered to graveyard
only to find a dozen skeletons and a couple zombie dogs spring from ground.
Shortly after the party was assailed by none other than the evil elven
ranger Ninaron, who has been watching the party from day one. The skeletons
went down without too much trouble, whatever ritual summoned them wasn't as
potent as it could have been, but the gravehounds did a number on the party
dwarf. He lost his footing probably a half dozen times to those damn
zombies. As entertaining as that was, the absolute trouncing the party gave
Ninaron was wonderful to behold.
If the battle was satisfying the loot at the end was more so, at least for
one party member. Ninaron was holding on to a magical Rod of Blasting. The
interesting thing about this rod is that it has writing in Abyssal up and
down either side. The top (aiming point) of the rod is carved in the
likeness of a demon's claw holding a deep red ruby. Will this portent evil
in their future or is it simple an item of potent magical power? Only time
will tell...

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  1. Otakar's Avatar
    I like how the party just opted to stay inside the cube and attack. That was funny. They way I read it was that at first they tried to get out as a matter of principle but strategicly it was just better to remain. Funny! You're a good writer. Please keep the updates coming.
  2. benjaminze's Avatar
    there was no getting out of that thing we just had to thrash around and hope!
  3. a5465371's Avatar
    Pheh! If it weren't for that bloodthirsty ranger killing everything we manage to disable, and our ever-pious priest "converting" enemies, Chislsefase wouldn't have a problem with runes when I got a chain-gang of sapper-goblins to throw! All my damn rope is getting hacked into string from my intimitable guests...