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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 7

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Luchea's player did not join us again, and so she became an NPC. Side note: The Wyld Hunt is an organization that forms to hunt and kill Solar Exalted who are considered demons by the largest government and largest religion in the setting. Its members are often sent ahead to scout out reports of sightings. Another important thing to remember is that Gaias' motivation is to find and gain revenge on a man in black who destroyed his village. Finally, the great tree I keep talking about towers above the rest of the forest (think a mile or more) and is obviously spiritual in nature.

Our seventh game began in the chamber of the Council of Three Oaks.
It was decided that the Council and an accompanying party would
approach Luchea to discern her intentions and goals in the area.
Gaias, Nine and Wataru decided to follow the Council to the farm where
Luchea was staying. As they left the council chamber, they heard that
the people in the square had been disturbed by the appearance of a man
dressed in black who claimed to be of the Wyld Hunt enquiring about
the location of Luchea. He had been informed of her location and had
left the city.

The group proceeded to the farm with the Council and arrived to find
another confused and upset mob. After questioning a few people, they
found out that a man in black armor had fought with Luchea and
injured her. He then threw down a challenge to all who would fight him
and carried her into the forest. Another man was seen in the forest
waiting for him. The group tracked the footsteps of the man in black armor
a ways into the forest with the help of a hunting dog that they borrowed.
When the dog became confused, they showed it Luchea's knife and told it
to follow her scent. The trail they were following split, with Luchea's
scent going in one direction and the tracks of the man in black armor
going in another. Gaias decided to follow the tracks while Wataru and
Nine followed the trail of Luchea's scent.

Gaias followed the tracks and came to a clearing where he encountered
the man in black armor. They fought and, during the battle, Gaias was
poisoned and fell unconscious.

Following Luchea's scent, Nine and Wataru lost the hound they
borrowed and encountered Aesis, Gaias' hound. Aesis showed them to a
place in the woods where Luchea's orichalcum spear was hidden in a
bush. Examining it, Nine saw an inscription in Old Realm on the haft
marking the bearer of the staff as a person who carries authority in
the sight of the Unconquered Sun. They decided to come back for it later
and continued to follow Luchea's scent trail. Aesis' path took them near to
the great tree, where they met up with Rami and continued onward.
Wataru stealthily approached the clearing around the great tree and saw
two men clad in black talking angrily as well as the bodies of Luchea and
Gaias. Returning, the three formed a plan to distract and attack the pair
of men and rescue Luchea and Gaias. Surprised, both men ran from the
fight at their first chance.

Luchea's body had been mangled and desecrated in a ritual fashioned
to channel power into the great tree. Wataru spotted a large crack
running down the trunk of the tree and Nine resolved to perform a
ritual prayer to summon the god of the tree. She prepared ritual
elements and asked Rami to retrieve a musical instrument to accompany
the prayer. While they waited for his return, Nine used her artifact to
quickly heal Gaias, revealing her nature as a Solar Exalt to both
Wataru and Gaias. Rami returned with a wooden flute and a large,
masterwork, woven tapestry of the great tree he said he retrieved from
the city god. Nine performed a summoning prayer and successfully called
down the god of the great tree with the help of Wataru and Rami.

Nine conversed with the god and asked how she could help it heal the
damage done by Luchea's ritual death. The god responded by saying
that to heal the damage would be to dishonor Luchea's sacrifice and
that the door had already been opened. When the conversation turned
towards Nine learning sorcery, the god replied that she was not
worthy to learn the secrets the god had to teach her because she had
no authority and no power.

To be continued ...

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:01 AM by GoddessGood

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