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Downloads: Midgard Preview

Midgard Preview

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Uploaded by Farcaster - 05-14-2013
Resource Type Setting
System Dungeons & Dragons (Pathfinder)
Author Author Wolfgang Baur, Jeff Grubb, Ben McFarland, Adam Roy, Christina Stiles, and Wade Rockett
File Size File Size 6.66 MB
Downloads Downloads 448
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The Midgard Campaign Setting is the culmination of five years of adventures and sourcebooks from Kobold Quarterly and Open Design. It brings to life a world of dark fantasy drawn from the great European traditions. Here you will find ley lines and deep magic; the Western Waste’s giant, shambling horrors and magic-blasted landscapes; diabolical gnomes and the schemes of immortal Baba Yaga; wild, wind-riding elves and swashbuckling minotaur corsairs; the Mharoti Empire’s lethal assassins and exotic splendors; and the dragon-haunted crags of the icy Northlands.


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