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Downloads: Sundered Skies Setting Loot generator

Sundered Skies Setting Loot generator

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Uploaded by falinxelote - 06-29-2013
Resource Type Items / Gear
System Savage Worlds
Author Author Steven Albright (falinxelote)
File Size File Size 280.9 KB
Downloads Downloads 122
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This program generates combat loot for the Sundered skies setting of Savage worlds. It should work on any widows platform including tablets and android phones; however, I have not tried it on anything but a laptop.
It will need to be installed.
It is easy to remove just go through add and remove programs under your control panel.
Also let me know if there are any problems I will try to fix them.


  • Sundered Skies Setting Loot generator


07-01-2013 at 11:27 AM
I am working on a more in depth, generic, and customizable version.