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Downloads: Horror / Dark Future

Files in category : Horror / Dark Future
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Ghoulblasters - Free Fan System and Adventure Ghoulblasters - Free Fan System and Adventure : Just in time for Halloween - this fan work uses many resources to restate the original West End Games Ghostbusters RPG in a much more condensed and somewhat modified form, though it is still over 90% compatible with any material you have for Ghostbus ... [more] (3.88 MB) System / Ruleset Other 10-14-2014 220 2
Ghostbusters WEG - Forever Halloween Ghostbusters WEG - Forever Halloween : This is an episode of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon/animated series that I adapted into a Halloween adventure for the original West End Games Ghostbusters RPG. Summary The Lord of Night, Samhain, has been brought to the USA and your fair city, by a ... [more] (615.7 KB) Campaign / Adventure Other 12-08-2013 213 0
AFMBE STALKER Conversion AFMBE STALKER Conversion : My Unisystem conversion for the STALKER PC games... (contains additional rules, equipment conversions, bestiary, artifacts, anomalies, and more) (181.7 KB) System / Ruleset All Flesh Must Be Eaten 05-10-2013 305 1
Dogs of the Walking Dead Dogs of the Walking Dead : Some rules-light zombie apocalypse goodness using rules from Barbarians of Lemuria/Dogs of WAR/Dicey Tales... (54.5 KB) System / Ruleset Other 05-10-2013 219 1
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