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Fantasy Fantasy roleplaying games range from archetypical sword & sorcery to pseudo-historical, with settings that typically draw elements from both the medieval and renaissance periods. 23
Modern / Universal Generic systems focus on delivering a solid framework of rules for story tellers to build their own settings within. Their biggest advantage is that no matter what setting you want to play in, be it high fantasy, horror, or space opera, you and your players need only master one set of rules for all. 8
Sci-Fi / Futuristic These games are generally set in the future, sometimes near future and sometimes in worlds completely unlike our own. They typically have major science-fiction elements such as fantastic technology, space travel, alien encounters, or psionics. 12
Horror / Dark Future Horror roleplaying games are typically set in the present or near present, but might also be set in the distant past or future. Dark conspiracies, malevolent supernatural monsters and phenomena, and post-holocaustic settings are common elements in horror and dark future games. 4
Super-Heroic Superhero roleplaying games are inspired by superhero comic books and graphic novels. The setting is generally the present, sometimes near future or past, though in many cases the setting is significantly different from the real world. 2
Independent / Small Press Games Would you like to share a system or setting of your own creation? This is the place to upload or find resources from the many creative individuals and small press publishers that visit here. 6

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