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Downloads: D6 Fantasy Creatures

D6 Fantasy Creatures

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Uploaded by Dalkiel - 05-12-2013
Resource Type Bestiary
System Other
Author Author West End Games
File Size File Size 74.29 MB
Downloads Downloads 192
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Our scholars have worked diligently
to bring you information on over 80
diff erent types of creatures ó from
alligators to Zombies. Of course, donít
feel that because weíve included it in
this tome that you need to add every
creature to your setting.

Take note that the entries provide
information on the typical member
of the species, and thatís not always
the one that stalwart adventurers
will run across. While the entries can
serve well as a guide, itís always worth
remembering that any specifi c creature
encountered may have abilities above,
below, or outside the norm ó perhaps
even ones never seen in that species
before due to some twist of magical or
divine intervention.


  • D6 Fantasy Creatures


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