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Conversation Between ronpyatt and Tamerath

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  1. lol I actually liked the fantastic 4 reference though...very cool Maybe I've been a bit too much "Evil" Tam and not enough "Diplomatic" Tam. Either way I still think you are awesome and I'll keep in touch with you for sure.
  2. Having a strong opinion is not a problem, and I enjoy your posts. However true or as much as I agree with your sheep comment, I would rather avoid a flame war. There are other posters that cross the line, and we try to keep things civil. The Fantastic 4 comment was not referring to you specificlly, as I was thinking of another poster and myself.
  3. Hey I was just stopping by to apologize for my actions on this forum as of late. My friend, you've really inspired me and I've always enjoyed reading your posts and I wish you the best of luck on your games. You are a good guy and I wish you the best. Take Care
  4. Hey thanks for your comments on my Ravenloft post! I really like what you came up with. I think I could really make use of some of those things! Thanks Again!
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