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Conversation Between berginyon and Dragon_wolf

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  1. Just a quick heads up

    Have 3 players so far, working on getting 2 more.
  2. hey you should check out my blog, it's not great but it is my back ground for my charactor
  3. any news on when we can play?
  4. ok maptools is cool i downloaded them as well, i rolled up a eladrin figher,i have never played on maptools so this will be fun
  5. I am more familiar with maptools and setting up macros with it and all. I have barely used OpenRPG, though I have heard good things about it. So I will probably use Maptools.
  6. hello again, are you going to us openrpg or maptools for the online game?
  7. Thanks and welcome. I will start a formal post for the game in a couple days as soon as I get the last of the stuff together. I will PM you and the other interested parties and we should be able to get started very soon. Possibly as early as the 18th.
  8. greetings and well met Dragon wolf, i'm looking forward to playing D&D
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