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Conversation Between TaiRei and TeroLost

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  1. And no--the only thing I've ever really played is session of Exalted, and maybe two or three of W:tF. Never actually gotten to finish anything. v.v;
  2. Oh, Werewolf? The Forsaken--ya? Sure--We're both down for that. ^^
  3. I was thinking for Werewolf, not DnD. Though you shouldn't have a problem finding a DnD PbP game or Chat game. I know a few people who would want to play Werewolf. Have you considered trying Pathfinder? It's, like, DnD 3.75.
  4. Heck yes! Sounds great! What Edition of DnD? 3.5 or 4?
  5. Hey, I can setup a play by post game on the boards here and GM it if you want. Let me know and I'll start recruiting in the chat-room and on the boards.
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