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Conversation Between nameispending and thomaswhodoubts

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  1. Hello Nameispending,

    Sorry for the delay in response time - I've been in France for five weeks and haven't kept up with my postings. We still have room, especially for someone who can be here consistently. We're playing first edition, i.e. AD&D, although modified to include some other handy tools - draw cards for initiative, story points/x.p., etc. Am thinking about developing a Savage Worlds campaign, but on own world for now. I would like to play again at some point. Finally, we moved into a new house since I last posted, and the stone-walled basement is a gamer's heaven.
  2. i'm originally from g-burg and could travel back a couple times a month. i might know a few others who are interested. you still have openings?
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