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Conversation Between Bilbo2701 and Akarobi

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  1. Bill,

    my name is will. sounds like you are looking for the same things in a game that i am. i have played with a few groups off and on and i find that the maturity level just isn't there. i am about having a good time and all, but not like most of the groups i have seen. i am a 1st/2nd/3.5 edition player ( i was also a DM some years back), and i am trying to find a group that can meet up when schedules allow. i have a family, and lets face it, that is the priority. i would love to game with people who understand the military schedule and are relaxed as to when the next meetup would be. Are you looking to play any certain edition? where would you prefer to play? let me know if you are interested in starting up a game.

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