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  1. I am looking for players and GMs to help us play test a new game system.
    We also need GMs that have a group that would like to play test our new system.
    This is a 2d10 system with a d20 achievement mechanic. The Magic System is completely customizable and is completely adaptable by ever character, on the fly.
    We will reward any group that play tests the GenIsys system. Contact us for details.
    We have a fully printed and bound Beta manual available for play testing.
    Contact Scott Stokes at 818-335-4120 or at
  2. I see you are really close by to where me and my group of 3 play DnD 3.5 who range in age from 23 to 31. We have 25+ books all geared towards character options, maps, minis (we don't use them that often, only for fun battles) supplies, all the sheets you would need, and good players who enjoy playing the game. Our time to play is very flexible, but we usually meet on thursday or friday nights. We start generally around 4 pm, and go well into the night. You would also have to be comfortable with us smoking pot while we play. We play in my backyard or in my garage, depending on how nice it is out. My garage is set up for gaming with all the room you would need and table space. I am located in North Hills, cross streets Sepulveda and Devonshire. Please reply back or email me at if you are interested. Thanks.
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