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Conversation Between Genesplicer and kitsune1842

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  1. The PML was a fan run mailing list for Palladium Games that enjoyed a brief period of official sponsorship from the company untill some of it's members got out of hand. There was a Kitsune on this list who was a well respected poster and gamer. I was wondering if you were he.

    To bad about the work conflict. We generaly play from 9 AM to about 5 to 6 PM on thursdays. If we change days I'll let you know, if your work scedual changes so that it can acomodate, then give me a holler.
  2. Never heard of PML, what is that?

    Unfortunetly I work 3 pm to 11pm on thursdays, that does not help...but as they say it is the thought that counts right?
  3. Hey, you haven't by chance ever been a member of the PML have you?

    I am part of a D&D 4e campain that needs players, but we meet on thursdays, so I don't think that's much help to you.
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