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Conversation Between Brunomac and tholias

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  1. Yeah, go ahead and email me at when you are ready and we can discuss. We played this week, and next one might not be for 3 or 4 weeks (due to important-to-campaign players not being able to make it), so plenty of time for you to get settled in. We have plenty copies of 1st ed. so don't sweat getting any (although I think dirt cheap on Ebay). We'll hammer you out a character in no-time.
  2. Hey. I'd be interested in maybe sitting in and possibly joining your game. I'm still in teh process of relocating (will be in LA by the second week of July). I'm interested and I'll try and track down AD&D books to re-acquaint myself with the system.
  3. HI. I have a 1st ed. AD&D campaign going, and we are currently at 4 players. Always glad to have somebody New give our sessions a try. We play a couple times a month or so on Wed nights in Santa Monica. Fun and hip little group. ZLet me know if you'd like more info.

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