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Conversation Between Redhand and swfreak1986

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  1. We do have have Star Wars (WoC) on tap (which I love, but haven't gotten to play yet), but I'll tell you some more about Rifts. Rifts is a universe where magic and high technology both exist, Earth has been invaded by monsterous creatures for rifts torn open into other dimensions. It is a dynamic place of possibilities and danger. If you would like to hear more send me your email address and I'll give you some more details.
  2. well if it is Star Wars I'll join... but if it is Rifts I'll need to learn more about it before I make my desion
  3. Hi... I'm in Franklin also, and once I figure out what my schedule will be like for work I'd like to see about getting a group together for Rifts and/or Star Wars. I'm guessing it would mostlu be Friday or Saturday nights. Would you be intersted?
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