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Conversation Between kimokeo and alanapp

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  1. I was looking over the complete divine and like the favored soul. You mentioned that all classes will come from the PHB but I was wondering if you would consider this. One of the interesting balances for the class is that only a specific number of spells per level can be known. This means that you must choose your spells from a known list rather than the entire list , a la MU. The diety I was looking at is Heironious. I also wanted to verify that the buy system your using is the same I am used to is..
    All abilities start at 8

    1 point per point up to 14
    2 points for 15-16
    3 points per point at 17-18

    With racial and age bonuses added ( or subtracted) after points are used.

    Just let me know on the class choice and if I have your buy system correct.
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