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Conversation Between dxonogard and Boswok

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  1. Sorry i havent replied in such a l;ong time, ive just been busy with school. But meeting up sounds good, this way everyone isnt all awkward when we play, and actually, we've only ever played at one of each others houses.
  2. Fantastic. Some of my people are running around on vacation and such this past week, but maybe we can work out a meeting so people can get to know each other and we can talk about what everyone expects from a game. I usually find that it's best if everyone meets at least once before playing to see how well personalities mesh and all that. I'll get back to you soon. In the meantime, where have you been able to play before other than a friend's home that worked well for you?
  3. hello, i concur, your idea sounds very good to me. besides, my friends and i havent played in a while and im itching to play. sunday sounds great, or any other day of the week really. as long as it doesnt conflict with school im game.
  4. Hi there, I notice I live near to you and we share a mutual interest of 4E D&D. I have a few friends who would like to try it out as well, but we haven't found a good place to play yet (mine is too small and everyone else lives pretty far from northside Chicago). In any event, I'd love to discuss game preferences and maybe start up a dialogue, since we've all been jonesing for a good game a while now. We tend to play on Sundays.
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