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Conversation Between Otakar and Tamerath

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  1. Hey, I just saw your comments on my blog. Thanks! Mentioning the fire beetles, I actually sweated it a little bit there. I thought those beetles would toast the party. I continue to be amazed at how resiliant these 4E characters can be. We had another session on Monday. We added another player and I'm glad. It's a hybrid bard/warlord. I'm glad too, because I think I put a little to much challenge into it. I used bug bears but could never get combat advantage against the party so the bugbears just slugged it out. I'll try to get the blog out tomorrow. Take it easy.
  2. Thanks Jerrod! Star Trek was seriously bad ass! I loved it and I'm more a Star Wars fan than a Trekkie....but dear god, it was good
  3. Happy B-Day! Let us know how Star Trek is.
    Your friend, Jarrod
  4. Hey There Otakar! Hey thanks about the blogs...I started it really to help other dms with their games, give them some fresh ideas from an "outside" guy, and maybe players a glimpse of what I like to do as a DM I'm glad you like reading it. I thought when I put up that sucker I'd have not a single comment at all.
  5. Man, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Wish I was back in So Cal so I could join your game. I was down in Pedro on business last week. Sure was nice to visit. My trip was too short. Liked your reviews on the shows. Last time I was in Vegas I did the Star Trek things, Mandalay Bay Aquarium and the Luau (As Vegas as you can imagine) thing at the Imperial Palace where I stayed. I didn't gamble at all but there's definatley plenty to do there without that.
  6. Think I won about $20 bucks in the slots not much but I'm not a big spender. Good Gaming to you my friend and hope to see ya around the boards.
  7. hey, just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the really nice message you left on my blog entry Have a great day my friend.
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