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Conversation Between aeniwea and cplmac

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  1. My computer was giving me fits when you were on a little bit ago and I was trying to get a message to you. Aeval told me that you said to her that you are interested. I am going to try and get your email off of my profile and send you a message that way too, but we were wondering if you would want to attend our next game session on this Saturday, Jan. 3rd.?
  2. Hello. As you are probably aware of, I am the DM of the "Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth" campaign that our group is currently running. We meet in Monroeville, usually everyother Saturday, although our schedule go messed up lately. You can see the party's progress by reading the log on the Campaign Invitations thread on the site. We are using the 2E version for this particular campaign, but there is the possibility of doing future campaigns using 3.5. If you are Ok with it, I would like to keep you in mind for a replacement player if we find that a couple of our original people decide to not continue. I hope to find this out after the begining of the new year. Let me know if this is good for you.
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