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Conversation Between Sarlin Hawkwinter and GristleDemon

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  1. Hello how are you? I'm your stereotypical social-anxiety nerd so I hope this comes off sounding normal... well at least normalise. I live in south lake Tahoe and although i love it here.... i have not found one gamer yet. Mostly I convert friends but they only play cus i want them to not cus they want to. I happily enjoy all role-playing or just gaming. I favor D&D 1st/2nd ed but have played/DMed many campaigns of Hackmaster, Star Wars(D20 and old version but mostly D20), Rifts, Gamma World, Boot Hill, and alot of random ones like Battle Beasts (home-brew) and Mutant Chronicles. I Learned LARPing in College and will try just about any gaming system.

    sorry i hope this is nt a rant. anyways it is nice to finally see a gamer near Tahoe.

    thanks for your time
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