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  1. I am a player representing 4-5 players including myself (the 4-5 is because we have 4 players definately "in", including myself, and another person "interested"). We are looking for a GM to run a GURPS 4E game. We are willing to give the GM wide leverage in what game to run, but we are interested most in:

    Traveller (we have GURPS Interstellar Wars if you need it)
    High Fantasy (esp. Forgotten Realms)
    Classic Medieval (ie more of a Sim)

    We can post daily or better except on weekends. A majority of us prefer some degree of "reality" or "simulation" although that's not a consensus. Using a Yahoo or P&P Forum would be suitable. You will find us creative and capable role-players who want a quality GM for RPG purposes. We won't get gamey or rules-lawyery although we may have internal squabbles at times (what party doesn't?).

    Please contact me at
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