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Conversation Between HarmsWay and goblincleaver

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  1. Howdy! There's one potential member in Stanhope I'm trying to contact, and one in Sparta who was interested months ago. With you in Ringoes, it looks like we'd be spread out pretty good. I may be somewhat centrally located to all. If I can get three players commited then I can work with that.
  2. There's another person in our vicinity who just posted. I'm trying to contact.

    I'd like at least four members to start-up. Alternate DM/GMs would be cool. I'm thinking Monday or Tuesday nights 7-10, latest, in a location central to all. Maybe a home, library, or hobby shop?

    I'll keep you posted.
  3. Dude I've been trying to find gamers for a group in Warren County for years now. 1e and a little 2e was all I played, other old TSR games too. I don't have enough local people yet. I was hoping for a central location to save everyone time & gas.
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