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Conversation Between Zeneak and Chi

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  1. Ya I am sure he would I would have to talk to him he is at work right now though! Do you know Thriondel? That is my fiance.
  2. I too have added you. question though, your profile says you have a fiancee would he like to join? as long as you both have similar availability.
  3. Ok great I added you and I am
  4. Gmail wonderful.. not really designed for good posting but it can perhaps do. is my address for that.
  5. I am going to be getting a new computer soon the one we have has problems so the only chat that I have had come in is gmail
  6. Oh well hmmm then perhaps we can use something else? what is available to you chi? i have YIM and AIM and MSN though YIM is my prefered program, then the chat function on this site.
  7. Sorry Just got this message I think Maybe I already replied to this but my chat does not work
  8. Hello chi. hop on chat real fast we'll talk a bit
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