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Conversation Between Nihilistic Mind and Harbinger-az

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    We are still looking for one more player for our friday night gaming.
    Currently, I'm running a BESM fantasy mini-campaign to get the group acquainted with our latest addition to our gaming group.
    The games we play vary greatly depending on what we feel like playing. Two other players run their own games from time to time.

    We will begin a game of D&D fourth edition (once I've assimilated the rules and am ready to run a game), but that won't be till later.

    We also enjoy playing other gaming genres than fantasy, such as horror, action, high tech or whatever strikes our fancy, as long as it's fun, we'll try it! If it's really fun, we'll play it regularly!!!

    We meet friday nights at my house, from 7pm to midnight (sometimes a bit later, but not too much). There's four of us right now (including the GM) and I think one more would be just right! Let me know if that sounds good!


    Fabien B.
  2. Hi Nihilistic Mind,

    I saw your post that you are looking for players. I would be very interested in hearing more about your gaming group if you are still looking for players. My group is going the way of the dodo as I ping this message to you. Unfortunately the GM and another player are moving out of state and the third player has real life issues preventing him from playing. I have played in most genres but mostly ended up playing D&D. I open to playing in other systems as long as we are having fun. I prefer playing as opposed to running the game. Let me know if you are still looking for people.

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