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Conversation Between mrken and Alana

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  1. How's the painting coming.
  2. I was diagnosed with a pretty disruptive medical condition in August 2008, so all of my plans for the end of last year really got shot to hell. I'm feeling better, though, so hopefully this year I'll make it! I've started painting minis, so now I have another reason to want to do.
  3. Hey there, did you make it to Tacticon? Wish I had kept in touch better. would have been fun to get together like we did with a couple of people here and the Meet Up people.
  4. Here's a stupid question that I'm going to ask you because you seem friendly: do you know how to add a custom avatar? I've seen other people on here with personal avatars, but I can only access the pre-defined ones.
  5. Sorry it's been about a month since you posted. I just recently discovered this particular tab in my profile, and I had two messages even though I'm hardly on here! Anyway, Tacticon sounds pretty cool. I was wondering if there was some sort of convention for tabletop gaming (there's conventions for everything else).
  6. Hi there from the other side of town. Too bad you don't live closer, I love to help people who are new to role playing and we have room at our table on Saturdays. Hey, you might try checking out Tacticon coming up in September I think. It's the weekend the DNC will be closing up. It is on I-25 and Hampton. There are tons of fun games to play and you can meet a pile of people. Good luck in finding a group to play with.
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