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Conversation Between elonin and Farfignooghen

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  1. 3.5 D&D In Elkridge-

    Dont know if you would be interested but our gaming group is looking for a player to replace one. Our group currently consists of 5 guys all in late 20's/ early 30's.
    4 of us rotate the DMing every 4-6 months. We meet on Friday nights and play from 7pm-midnight.

    We alternate worlds with each GM change and are currently playing in Dragonlance. Looking for someone with some 3.5 experience and the understanding that we don't intend to go to 4.0.

    We are a fairly social group and stop to take breaks from role-playing to hangout occasionally during the gaming session. Each DM has a different style but we all tend toward a 50/50 roleplay to combat ratio.

    If you are interested drop a line.
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