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Conversation Between Maelstrom and whytetyger

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  1. Hey Maelstrom. I saw in your sig that you are interrested in trading some D&D minis. Have you thought about trading over long distance? There are absolutely NO shops near me that sell singles and, it seems, not many people that do more than dabble in them. I have visited a few places online where I can buy them, but the prices are usually just too outrageous to want to spend what they are asking. I have also visited some trading boards, but the people I have discussed trading with want to only trade in either large amounts or have been completely unreasonable in trade. If this is something you are interrested in, please let me know.

    I too have kids, of which 3 of the 4 are playing 4th edition. This has caused me to take the initiative to find more of the minis that I have had no luck in finding.
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