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Conversation Between thethrillamilla and Zoraknasha

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  1. Bensalem
  2. I will keep you up to date. I'm looking to start this game in July. Where are you located?
  3. I am ridiculously interested. The short time I played star wars has some of my best memories of roleplaying. Haha... I will never ever forget being beaten to death in a back alley of nar shaada as I vainly tried to force lightning myself free. I've never had a better memory of dying... as of currently, my car is inoperable until I have the funds to repair or replace it, so that severly limits my playing abilities. I also would not be able to game weekly at present, as I work second shift so my weekends are precious. I have heard rumors of being moved to first shift, which will open up weekday evenings, but we shall see. Nonetheless, keep me updated with any developments and I will endeavor to make it work. Hope to hear from you, Brent
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