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Conversation Between B'omarr Punk and JoeN

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  1. Hi there. I wonder if you would consider playing a Twilight 2013 game that has fallen by the wayside.

    We're a group of mature gamers that enjoy PnP gaming. A few of us had played the twilight 2000 game when it was out quite a few years ago. Last year I had found T2013 had been produced, and I put together a group to try it out.

    We were all having a pretty good time, but 1 guy went to an all summer job and two others were having scheduling issues. Now that summer is over and worse weather is approaching, im considering picking up where we left off if the right people can be brought to bare.

    I try to field 5 or 6 players, knowing that one will not show up each game. For a solid 4 or 5 player game. That's how it was working anyways before it fell apart

    We play at a local hobby shop, Wings Wheels Waves. In downtown Massillon.
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