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Conversation Between WODstoryteller and Jallorn

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  1. Actually, my friend is going back to college in a month, so he probably wouldn't join us this summer.
  2. He's 19, I believe, and I'm 18. I'm not exactly sure what the best way to say that we are (insert adjective here) mature is, but yeah.

    Well I'm in Beverly, and he's a bit further away, but he does have a car and before he went to college drove into my area for school every day. For my transportation, as long as it's regular, my dad can drive me most places, he's retired.
  3. Hey Jallorn,

    I'm just curious, but how old is your friend?
    Generally, I like to game with people ages 25+.
    Nothing against anyone younger, it's just that I tend to run games of a more mature theme.
    And older people are (sometimes, but not always) more reliable with their own transportation and such.
    Where are you guys located?
  4. I also want to add that I have a friend who would probably be willing to join a group, but who is going to school in another state, so he'd only be a summer guy.
  5. I've been looking for a RL group for a while now. I DMed one for a few sessions, but some communication issues caused us to separate, and I wasn't really a good DM anyway (mostly my perception apparently) Anyway, I think my point here is to let you know that I'm still looking for a group and you look like a good person to play with. Hopefully you'd GM of course, unless you don't want to and we find someone else.

    I'm rambling, so I'm going to stop now.
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