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Conversation Between ant_eater and Malcolm

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  1. A_E -

    We're a group of 5 who play about twice a month. We have two regular GMs, and others who run a game occasionally. We have 3 players in their early 40s, and 2 in their early 20s. Here's what we've played:

    D&D 3.5
    Conan 3.0
    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
    Warhammer 40K
    (soon) The new Warhammer Fantasy game - Roleplaying/Boardgame hybrid
    Other horror games
    Savage Worlds - various
    Descent - mostly BG, little RP
    (I've probably forgotten a couple others)

    We generally play on Sunday afternoons, but may be able to mix that up a bit. We're hoping to find a strong player/GM to rejuvinate the group.

    Get back with me if the prospect of checking us out interests you. (Please just use my e-mail address as this board is very space-limited:

    Thanks, Malcolm
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