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Conversation Between CaesiumTea and Rilonor

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  1. Hi CaesiumTea,

    I'm not the best versed at all the roleplaying genres and games out there, so I not sure what Wraeththu RPG is; however, we have a 1st Edition AD&D game that meets every other Friday at GameMasters bookstore. Of course, AD&D has Chaotic neutral and good and Lawful Evil ;-).
    Feel free to stop over if you are interested. We post our game schedule on the calendar at the Pittsburgh Dungeons and Dragons MeetUp Site.
    We have a game this Friday at 6pm. Other members include John, Alex, and Floyd. We'll post on MeetUp's calendar our next following game proably next week.

    Good Luck!
    --Rilonor (Matthew)
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