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Conversation Between Rilonor and Old School

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  1. Phil,
    As far as I know we are planning to meet this friday same place and time. If I hear any differently, I will let you know ASAP. Could you give me your email again? P&P is nice but kind of slow to continue communicating this way.

  2. Sorry my son was very sick... wont go into details but it involved diapers I wouldnt want my worst enemy to touch.
    As you can see I didnt make it. I will make it my mission to get there next time if you still have an opening.
  3. Got the message will try to make it. IF for some reason the group is full I can always get going at a later date. I work till 5:30pm and can be there a few min after 6pm.
    If there is some Issue I will forward you a note.
  4. Phil,
    We are getting together tomorrow (the 27th friday) @ GameMasters around 6pm. We have gotten quite a few intersted parties lately, so the group is filling fast, I don't know how many will stay (John, the DM is doing a TSR module campaign, and some of us have been through them in days gone by. That and John is a little too by the book, if you understand me. If there are too many players, I might try to make a second group--that's a future problem though). Sorry this news got to you so late, I only got the go ahead yesterday evening. I look forward to meeting you if you can make it.

  5. Ok went on meetup I was a member but have forgotten all of my password info.. funny thing is I recognized many of the names. If you talk with James (etarnon) I was in a group with him and Patrick (cplmack). My brother asked me to help him yesterday so that is why I didnt stop. I will do my best to pop in next week. If you could let me know 2 things.
    How many players are there? (dont like big groups 3-6 players plus the DM is good) THen an age range of the players... I am more curious than anything else since this is such an old edition. I have my Advanced Ed. books and can bring whatever is needed. Just tell me the cover graphic you prefer..
    Oh the e-mail... between my 1st and last name there is an underscore that was not visible since they underlined it in the post.
  6. Phil,
    I left a new message here as my email was having trouble with the address you gave me. We're playing next tomorrow at 6-ish atGameMasters on BabcockBlvd. Have you ever been to Pittsburgh Dungeons&Dragons MeetUp? A short description of the campaign is on MeetUp's message board under "DMs looking for players." I'd tell you more now but I gothomefrom my secondjob about anhour ago andI'm a littlebeat + my spacebar is malfunctioning.
    You can email me from MeetUp as well if you register there or just write me here. I'd give you my address but my stupid netzero has been recognizing alotof my email as spam and junk for one reason oranother. And theregoesmy spacebar again.
  7. Starting a 1st Ed. AD&D group at GameMasters. Next meet is Friday Dec. 4th. See the campaign message "Just the Trick" if interested.
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