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Conversation Between IronKing and jmjwalker

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  1. Hi! You should check out the Meet-up groups for D&D in Austin that meet 1/month at both Dragon's Lair Comics and at Battleforge Games. I'm a member of both, and personally, I do most of my gaming now in online sims that I run. Thanks for the offer, though!
  2. Heya. I'm part of a small up-start gaming group in North Austin. My friend and I are professional adults (computer industry) who've been gaming for years and years. Between us, we've played everything from original D&D through D&D 3.5, GURPS, Shadowrun, Mech Warrior, World of Darkness, all sorts of d20 games, and much more. We're also joined by one of our kids and his friend (middle schoolers, but very cool and mature), so I hope that's not a turn off.

    Right now we're meeting Fridays from about 4 PM to 8 PM, but times and days are somewhat flexible.

    We're currently interested in D&D 3.5 and 4th edition and are looking at doing perhaps a Forgotten Realms or homebrew campaign. We're happy to include both people interested in playing and DM/GMing.

    If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me, shoot me an e-mail at jmjwalker at
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