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Conversation Between Farcaster and DungeonMaster

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  1. Hey i recently moved to the Seattle area. Renton to be exact. I, like you, have been DMing for my whole dnd career. Granted its only been 6 years but i love it. But, unlike you, i prefer to be a player. I usually ended up DMing because the most recent regular group i had was 4 16 year olds, so they didnt really have anything on my creative abilities and imaginative capacity. That mite seem weird but i was 19 at the time. Im almost 21 now. I also take time out of my day, anytime i am asked, to teach someone the great game of dnd. I have even taught a few cheerleaders to play, on of which gamed with my group for 6 months. But i need to get into a group again. So drop me a line please
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