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Conversation Between Farcaster and hangedman

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  1. hi there!
    i'm a long-time fan of the site, but never had much reason to post until now.
    i have a new topic for the "ask a GM" thread, but i guess only Admin. can start threads

    anyhow, i'm a newbie DM playing d&d 3.5, so maybe this is a dumb Q, but i'm really having trouble figuring out CRs.
    i read as much as i could find on it, but it's confusing!
    according to the DMG, the CR = the average of the party lvl. so a CR 9 creature is a good challenge for 4 9th lvl. chars.
    if that held true, the same creature would be a good challenge for a solo 9th lvl. char. or 10 9th lvl. chars.

    it would be so much simpler if the lvls. were not averaged. it would not be a cure-all, of course; you would need lvl. limits for encounters.
    ex.: 50 goblins vs. 1 lich

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