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Conversation Between Torak and Schweighsr

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  1. Hello, Torak!

    I'm currently running a 3.5 campaign that is in desperate need of players - we had 1 guy quit and a second who won't be available for a while, so it's down to 2 players and an NPC. It's most a dungeon crawl in Eberron [beneath Sharn, actually], but I'd love to inject more roleplaying into it - right now I'd say it's 75% action & 25% roleplay - I'd prefer it if it were closer to 50/50. My players just became 14th level, so that is where a new player will start out, and we plan to play until 30th or so. Oh, we play on Saturday nights between 7:30 and midnight.

    I'd be interested in hearing from you, either way.
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