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Conversation Between cplmac and starwolf013

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  1. You on for gaming tomorrow?
  2. Hey there! Did you get the message via the Yahoo Grey Realms Group about needing to delete some stuff from your Private Message area on here?

  3. Hey, looks like we are going to try and get another game session in this saturday? Wondering if you're available?
  4. Noticed that Weslocke is seriously short on hit points if I am reading your notations correctly.
  5. Saw a not from Val & Harley that said there won't be a get together tonignt. Is that so?
  6. I sent a PM to Farcaster about the group having its first game session. Also told him that we ended up with 10 people (9 players and myself as DM). I think he was happy to hear that we got the group going.
  7. Aeval may have found a couple more people for the game. Waiting to hear back from them.
  8. Just sent a visitor message to a new join to the site here. The person is actually listed as being in Greensburg. I'll have to see if they get back to me about the game.

    Also told Aeval about your thought of just the four of us meeting for the first meeting. She said it sounded like a good idea and would mention it to her husband.
  9. How long you going to be on the site? We could talk a bit on the chat portion of the site here, easier than sending visitor messages or PMs.
  10. Good Evening (said in cheesey vampire voice)
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