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Conversation Between Addicted2aa and Manimal6

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  1. Seriously? whatever kid.
  2. Ummm... about the games. You don't remember my brother Ben and I do you? Good luck finding another group. Try looking at the store downtown.
  3. Mostly friday or saturday nights. I have 3 players already. I might have room for more, I don't know yet. I have been playing D&D for a while but just started running games. My e-mail is I check that more often than this.
  4. Yeah, I would love that. What days/nights are you looking at? Do you need more players, because I might be able to get a few.
  5. Hey. My name is Nate. I am from Concord and currently putting together a 3.5 game. If you are interested email me drop me a message back.
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