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Conversation Between !REAPER! and wildknives

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  1. Sorry about not being where I said we would be. I dont drive the buss. lol We also will not be ther tonight as our friends live off Moss and Dolphin.(basically a mile away) I do know for sure that we will be at the store on Friday 12-11-09. As we are starting a new game.
  2. Hello! Thanks very much for the invite. I unfortunately didn't see my message till 8:20 PM Friday night =( Please let me know if/when you all are to play again(tomorrow?) and I will attempt to come out and say hello! Please let me know what if anything I should bring besides myself =). Roderick
  3. Hi there! My name is Tery and we will be playing at Diehard Games 1667 s. Hwy 17-92 Longwood. From 7pm till midnight. And again (maybe) on Saturday same time. You are more than welcome to come meet&greet the group. I personaly am interested in Pathfinder and LFR. But we all pretty much play 4e right now.
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