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    by Published on 02-10-2011 02:21 PM
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    Pre-Order Soldiers of Fortune today! Link

    This product will be officially released, February 14.
    by Published on 01-25-2011 08:00 AM
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    Starting this week during the Dungeons & Dragons Experience convention, or DDXP for short, the new Ashes of Athas campaign setting will debut. This Dark Sun exclusive campaign will be the first of it's kind as it provides a communal shared setting campaign structure that takes players through the trials and tribulations of life on Athas. Each adventure is challenging in its own regard and survival is not guaranteed (we even provide death certificates for every module, should the DM need to pass them out!) Here is a blurb on the campaign. If you would like to participate, check out the site and find the next major convention that will be hosting it.

    Ashes of Athas is a continuing 4e D&D campaign set in the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting. PCs will take up the mantle of heroism in a grim world where simple survival cannot be taken for granted. At gaming conventions throughout the year, these heroes will shape the world of Athas while they grow in power and prestige - or die trying.
    When we begin, your character has been asked to aid a secretive faction of the Veiled Alliance in the Free City of Tyr against an unknown assailant.

    • Live the Story - Ashes of Athas is a single campaign told in a series of Chapters, each at a large gaming convention (Currently D&D Experience, Origins, and Gencon). Your character will experience a coherent story of struggle and (hopefully) triumph in the Tablelands of Athas.
    • Play Together - Each Chapter consists of a set of 3 adventures set at a specific level - if you're just getting started, you'll make a character close to the current level of the campaign.
    • Change the World - Every chapter is part of an evolving story where *your* choices can change the world, and the efforts of *your* character determine the shape of future chapters.
    • Leave the Tolkien at Home - Ashes of Athas is a massive shared-world campaign set on the harsh world of Athas, a scorched desert where might rules and life is just another resource to exploit.

    Get Ready to Play - You'll want access to a copy of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, in addition to the typical requirements of D&D play. Ashes of Athas also makes use of some optional materials, described in details on this website (coming soon).

    About the Author: Matt James is a freelance game designer for Wizards of the Coast and Kobold Quarterly. He also produces content for ENworld,,, and other industry sites. While not designing fantasy elements for games and products, he lives comfortably in the DC area with his wife and two Chihuahuas. Visit Matt on twitter for his gaming insights and banter:
    by Published on 01-13-2011 06:57 AM
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    We are currently looking for Computer Programmers and Web-Site Designers willing to work voluntarily with a software developer of a virtual table top on an open source RPG project that will be unveiled publicly in November 2012.

    Computer Programmers must know the Flash programming language and be willing to learn the Python programming language.

    Website Designers must know HTML and PHP.

    All participants in this project must be willing to work as a team and fulfill assignments as given out by the developer. All participants will appear in either the credits on the website and/or within the software.

    Interested parties should send an e-mail to:
    by Published on 12-16-2010 03:30 PM
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    A recent conversation over on Candlekeep prompted me to post some suggestions for running a sandbox game. Definitionally speaking, this is a campaign in which the players—not the DM—determine the course of the campaign, through their decisions. The DM’s role becomes mostly reactionary or anticipatory: adjusting the game to suit player’s needs and sometimes unexpected decisions.

    Some of us already do this to some extent in our games—basing things on PC decisions, motivations, and goals. In a full-on sandbox game, you take things to the next level: let the PCs rule, and just run with it.

    Here are some thoughts to keep in mind ...
    by Published on 09-26-2010 02:00 AM
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    Looking for a clean and easy way to access the Pen & Paper Games forums from your iPhone or Android cell phone? You can now visit the forums using an application called Tapatalk. I've been running this application on my Android phone for the last week, and it's pretty sweet. Once you have the application installed on your device, you can find our forums under the Games > Tabletop / Roleplaying Games category.

    You can find out more about the application over at the Tapatalk website.

    Tapatalk for iPhone:
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    Tapatalk for Android
    Total Android Look and Feel
    by Published on 09-22-2010 10:00 PM     Number of Views: 16952 
    Article Preview

    Submitting an article is a fairly easy process. From this section, you should have a link at the top right of the page to "Create a New Article." Follow that link and you will have a fairly standard WYSIWYG editor to enter your content. Enter your article and when you are finished, simply save your content by using the save (disk icon) at the top right. You cannot preview your content, but you will be able to go back and edit it if it doesn't look like what you wanted ...
    by Published on 09-20-2010 12:00 AM
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    Article Preview

    I've been waiting eagerly for the re-release of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting for a long time – since the early days of 3rd Edition, actually. Why? It's an amazingly different world in comparison to the somewhat same old and tired fantasy settings out there. But, D&D 3e came and went and Dark Sun languished in some dark corner of the WotC offices – probably collecting dust next to Planescape – forgotten and dejected. I honestly didn't think I'd ever see this world in print again, but after a decade and half, Wizards of the Coast finally came through with a completely revitalized 4th Edition Athas. ...

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