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    by Published on 05-11-2013 01:18 AM
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    Downloads: A new gaming resources has been added by Dalkiel in the Sci-Fi / Futuristic section:

    Eclipse Phase: Sunward

    From the website (

    Sunward details the inner part of the solar system, including:

    • The Sun, the Vulcanoids, and Mercury
    • Venus and the Morningstar Constellation
    • The Ruins of Earth
    • The Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
    • Mars
    • The Planetary Consortium
    • plus new Morphs, Gear, and additional Sample Characters
    by Published on 05-11-2013 01:12 AM
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    Downloads: A new gaming resources has been added by Dalkiel in the Sci-Fi / Futuristic section:

    Eclipse Phase RPG (Core Rulebook)

    From the website (

    Eclipse Phase is a pen & paper roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic transhuman conspiracy and horror.

    An "eclipse phase" is the period between when a cell is infected by a virus and when the virus appears within the cell and transforms it. During this period, the cell does not appear to be infected, but it is.

    Players take ...
    by Published on 05-11-2013 12:55 AM
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    Downloads: A new gaming resources has been added by Dalkiel in the Sci-Fi / Futuristic section:

    Eclipse Phase: Panopticon v1

    From the website (

    Panopticon surveys three areas of the Eclipse Phase setting:
    • Ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance—living in a transparent society
    • The inner workings of space habitats—and how to hack them
    • Uplifts and smart animals—their scientific and cultural impacts plus new morphs, gear, habitat rules, and more!
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    Pen & Paper Games has launched a snazzy new chat program. Be sure to check it out!
    by Published on 05-03-2013 05:00 PM
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    GURPS is a “universal” roleplaying system, which can be used for almost any setting or genre. It is a “toolbox” game from which the GM selects options to get the feel he/she wants. If you are thinking of trying it, I recommend you read this short explanation of what makes GURPS different from other RPGs. If you like the sound of this, GURPS may be right for you.

    The down side to GURPS is that it offers so many options it can be overwhelming for a new player or game master. I like to say it isn’t just one game – it’s like an RPG Lego kit, from which a GM can build many different games!

    But it doesn’t have to be complicated. The key to running a smooth GURPS campaign is to limit your options, using only the rules you need. What follows is a guide to running a very simple introductory campaign, to let an inexperienced GM ease into the system. After that, I will give you some tips on moving forward with GURPS, and learning to do more with it. You certainly don't need to get started this way; people often bite off more with their first campaign, and have good results. But if you are unsure of yourself, this plan will get you going with a minimum of headaches.
    by Published on 04-18-2013 02:08 AM

    First, no, I don't mean actually doing a Kick Starter campaign -- aren't there enough of those already?! What I mean is that Pen & Paper Games has been coasting along as it is for a couple years now with not much in the way up updates, innovation, or to be frank, involvement from myself to move it forward.

    And, I want to change that. But, I think P&PG needs to figure out what it is going to be. A lot of the focus of the original site was on connecting players through the Player Registry, but this in and of itself isn't enough to create a vibrant and active community. So, I tried to create a place for gamers to not only meet, but a space where they could chat and exchange ideas through our forums. Since I started up P&PG though, social media has changed a LOT. Facebook has become one of the biggest sites (maybe the biggest?) on the planet, and "tweeting" has become an integral part of our collective lexicon.

    The way we communicate online continues to change -- enough so that I'm not even sure what role traditional Forums such as this one have... I looked down this barrel a long time ago when things moved from local BBS's -- some of you are probably too young to even know what that is -- and now I find myself looking down that barrel again. As I see it, P&PG has two choices if it has any future. It has to embrace the old and become the best at it that it can possibly be; competing for audience among sites like and ENWorld. OR, it has to evolve, and to be honest, I'm not really sure what that would look like.

    So, I put the question to you. Though we have many, many members, if you are reading this, you are probably among a much smaller group that visits these forums on a regular basis. So, I am wondering, what is it that brings you back? What is it that you feel like P&PG offers that you can't readily get elsewhere? And, what do you think this site could do better? ... If this was your site, what would you do with it?

    I'm open to any ideas you all have. Hit me with it, because I do want this site to succeed and not simply fold up and disappear into the digital ether as so many others have.
    by Published on 02-28-2012 12:29 PM
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    Grab your virtual dice bags folks and mark down
    November 16-18, 2012 on your calendar, the AetherCon Online RPG Convention is coming to your computer.

    We will be featuring tabletop RPGs of all types throughout the weekend highlighted by four three day tournaments of Pathfinder, Call of Cthuhlu, Savage Worlds, and Shadowrun.

    Additionally vendors, industry guests, and artists are also in our plans. We will be releasing free downloadable wallpapers throughout the months leading up to the con. You can see them find the first two, Gormic ‘Pretty’ Nangalmaar as done by White Wolf featured artist Brian LeBlanc and Klandeggin Moltenfist illustrated by Andre Freitas Cardozo here.

    All of our events will be run using the Traipse next generation virtual tabletop and its companion browser-based web-client. Both are currently under development with the Beta version of Pious Paladin having been already released. These programs will make it possible for a player to simply click on a link on the event website and ‘sit down at the table’ as it were as opposed to having to download, install, and boot up a separate program as was the case in the past. We are also planning for voice chat games using Skype technology for some events.

    If you’d like to be involved in AetherCon send an e-mail here:

    Be sure to visit our websites and show your support for AetherCon via Facebook and Twitter.


    Michael Chumbler
    RPG Community Liaison - AetherCon

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