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  • Thanks for the Shout Out, PvP Online!

    Last night, Scott Kurtz over at PvP Online was kind enough to give us a shout out on his blog. Scott is a long time friend of mine, and I really appreciate him letting his huge following of faithful fans know about the fantastic community we have here at Pen & Paper Games. If you've never read Scott's online comic, by the way, you really should check it out. It's among the very best web comics out there. I can definitely tell you that Scott is by far the funniest guy I've ever had the pleasure of having at my gaming table ...

    EL TARGETO CHAMPION OF SAVINGS! (ahem.. I guess you'd have to be there. *chuckle*)
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    1. Kinam's Avatar
      Kinam -
      Yes, thank you, if not for Scott, I'd have not found this wonderful place. Now for me to find a group ^^
    1. halkeye's Avatar
      halkeye -
      Quote Originally Posted by Kinam View Post
      Yes, thank you, if not for Scott, I'd have not found this wonderful place. Now for me to find a group ^^
      I second this! I promptly signed up for the rss feed after hearing about it.
    1. Malachi57's Avatar
      Malachi57 -
      I'm already making connections I was unable to elsewhere (even on the D&D community site). Thank you Scott Kurtz!

      (Yes, I am an actual human being, and no, I don't always talk like this. )
    1. Farcaster's Avatar
      Farcaster -
      Welcome to the site, all. I'm glad you are already having luck finding players in your area. That is something we pride ourselves on here. I think we have the best player finding utility on the web at this point
    1. ragnarokilo's Avatar
      ragnarokilo -
      PvP brought me here as well. The weird thing is, I never read the newsposts in most of my comics, but, that day, I got my luls, and for some reason scrolled down, and now, here I am.
    1. ThinMan34's Avatar
      ThinMan34 -
      The whims of fate.
    1. Metal Soldier's Avatar
      Metal Soldier -
      Yeah, gotta thank Kurtz for giving the shout out so I could find this place.
    1. yukonhorror's Avatar
      yukonhorror -
      I guess A LOT of people read his stuff. I found this via "find players" forum on WOTC site. Farcaster posted a sticky there.
    1. Elderbree TM's Avatar
      Elderbree TM -
      Also came here thanks to Scott
    1. yukonhorror's Avatar
      yukonhorror -
      should look at how much membership spikes since then. I think it'd be pretty impressive.
    1. cplmac's Avatar
      cplmac -
      Yes, it seems that there has been new members find P&PG because of Scott.

    1. yukonhorror's Avatar
      yukonhorror -
      I have come across a dozen or so posts about how they found the site due to PvP. And those are the outspoken ones. Crazy but AWESOME!