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  • World of Lykarnia RPG is now available for sale! (PDF at

    Buy it here: (PDF at $9.99, POD version soon to follow at $16)

    World of Lykarnia brings home the tradition of adventure. A perfect balance of a class and skill based system, bound together by our elegant Relativity System for a simple yet robust and deep role-playing experience!

    Along with a Storyteller, you and your friends can embark on a classic fantasy adventure in the realms of Lykarnia. Explore the chivalous lands of Breonne, the dusty markets of the Marches or face down the great wall of Durenor.
    • Choose from 5 playable species, 13 different cultures, 4 paths and 9 unique occupations.
    • Customize your character with over 50 skills and in-depth character development.
    • Unlock powerful Path Skills to further customize your character over time.
    • Risk and reward magic system to test your mettle and nerves in combat.
    • Deal brutal killing blows in one of the most intense RPG combat experiences.
    • A complete game all in this one book with more than 65 creatures and a introductory adventure!
    Do YOU have what it takes to survive in the World of Lykarnia?