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  • Mysterious Circumstances: Basic Available FREE at Big Iron Vault

    That's right folks! Mysterious Circumstances is now available for FREE off our website. Just check out our FREE STUFF section to download the PDF. Give it a whirl and a try and let us know what you think. For those lucky enough to live in the Oakville/Burlington regions of Ontario. We'll be hosting a small premiere event at Hobby Kingdom's RPG Day gathering, where we'll be handing out free Monster Dice!

    Mysterious Circumstances was our first game to hit the market and is Big Iron Vault’s foray into the world of the supernatural, Mysterious Circumstances the role-playing game. Do you remember that one time that you swear you saw the snowman in your front yard move? Or remember that time when you were home alone and in the corner of your eye you thought you saw someone looking at you? You didn’t tell anyone did you? Maybe you should have told someone, because the next time maybe, just maybe, that “thing” won’t just leave you alone.

    Mysterious Circumstances is meant to be a “beer and pretzels” role-playing game based on things that go bump in the night. The players in Mysterious Circumstances play children ranging in ages from junior high to high school.

    About Big Iron Vault: A small press publisher of role-playing material and games, including "Big Iron Vault" a gaming magazine that focuses on gaming as a lifestyle and on the people that play the games.