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  • [Chaos 6010 AD] "Pray for Dawn" Released in PDF by Arcanum Syndicate

    Pray for DawnWhen the characters awaken in the wastelands on a pile of dead bodies with a memory wipe things are pretty bad. Once they notice the coming storm, the howls growing closer, and that they are being hunted by some very dangerous creatures, things aren't really looking up. They find out that the ruins of an ancient city are their only chance for shelter and food. It's so quiet and deserted there. It looks as if people recently lived there, but now they are all gone. Then once night falls and the last rays of the sun fade on the crimson horizon, they all begin to know why no one lives here any more.

    Pray for Dawn is a 130 page module based in the Chaos 6010 A.D. universe. It is good for beginning players and game masters alike. Every room of every building within the ancient city is detailed so that the game master can read the description to players with ease. This module is rated mature and does contain gore, violence, sex, drugs, and some disturbing and dark psychological matters.

    Rogue, the writer and artist of Chaos 6010 A.D. and the Pray for Dawn module will be starting a campaign on Saturday, May 22nd on a free VTT (virtual tabletop). He will be recruiting a new crew to play the Pray for Dawn module and any player who survives and pulls off the best roleplaying skills will win a free book.

    On the website you will find free downloads for building you own character or simply using a premade. Hope you enjoy!
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    1. Deebler's Avatar
      Deebler -
      Great mod, lots of possibilities, I've played it several times..been killed, survived, and been stuck(at least for now). and before any one asks yes I'm a friend. Still doesn't change the fact that the senarios and adventure are a quality product. Freakin' Sickly Sweet! so don't be afraid check it out.
    1. AzgrymnThePale's Avatar
      AzgrymnThePale -
      Hey thanks brother. I have to say I am proud of this one. One of the guys from Scrying Eye games told me I was a sick puppy for writing it, but then again he liked that in a person. That his players have never been so disturbed and disgusted, but they loved it. They really liked the school in the module. Get the players to go hide in the school for a good time!
    1. misteradam's Avatar
      misteradam -
      This is a fun, fast paced game. Definitely rated R or M.
    1. Ghast's Avatar
      Ghast -
      Had the pleasure of playing through this not too long ago on VTT. Definitely not for the faint of heart! I about lost my mind in the old church. And that is a very good thing hehe.
    1. Pandaa's Avatar
      Pandaa -
      I got to play the early stages of this mod, and it was great!! I can only imagine how it's evolved since. As soon as the kids are a bit bigger, I hope to play again. Lots of fun